Andrea Thoma’s practice is concerned with durational multiplicity and image perception in painting, photography and audio-visual installations.


Thoma is interested in the physicality of painting in relation to ideas of movement, colour and space. She sees painting as dynamic process where the inertia of matter is ‘set in motion’ by the physical effort of moving paint across the canvas, where formlessness is ‘given direction’ — this might involve colour bands/lines as horizontal, linear vectors or in more recent works as a folding of colour space through curves and interwoven lines. Her abstract(ed) paintings are often developed as diptychs or triptychs to allow for complex colour constellations expanding into actual, architectural space. This has led to an on-going body of work, her ‘Lines of Light’ series including the series ‘White Lines’ and ‘Folded Lines’.


As much as Thoma’s paintings are concrete in their abstract materiality, she considers them as virtual possibilities, incorporating the potential of (moving) representational images — abstraction in relation to virtual figuration. Movement (or its absence) is a key element in her work, so is the idea of montage where diverse image-components or panels are juxtaposed within a visual method or across different media.


Andrea Thoma has been involved in various international exhibitions and artist collaborations amongst them Textures of Place, a project with Deborah Gardner that was initially shown at the Academy of Fine Arts in Llodz in April 2017 and will tour to other European and British venues, Shifting Perspectives, with Associate Professor Emerita Joyce Lyon of the University of Minnesota, Foyer Gallery, University of Leeds, (2016), Endlosschleife 2041, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany (2014), Dialogue in Place: Volume II, Form and Content Gallery Minneapolis, USA (2012), European Identities, Touring Exhibition, various venues in Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain (2010-11).

Andrea Thoma

Flow I, 2018. Oil on canvas. 55.9 x 45.7 cm.


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