Howard Eagleston

'Still Life on Earth', 2016. Oil and iron filings over acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 70cm.


This still life is a found situation. I am intrigued by the unexpected, something seen which is more strange than imagined. A situation which I can then 'excavate' through the process of painting. This will involve both a conscious and subconscious interrogation through the organisation and movement of paint.

The 'still life' was found in my kitchen, coloured plastic bowls on green tiles. Through painting I wanted to find out why I was curious about this configuration of colour and forms. The conditions on Earth which have allowed evolution and intelligence to occur fascinate me. The yellow/orange bowl became the Sun. The elliptical rims of the bowls suggested orbiting planets and gravity. I entered a magnetic field into the central ellipse, both to register the magnetic activity on the Sun and the way the Earth's magnetic field protects us from harmful solar rays. The green tiles represent photosynthesis and the extraordinary movement from inert elements into bacteria and life, the evolution of plants and oxygen. In the green reflections I found visual information suggesting teeth and human structure.

I want the painting process to be a dialogue between what the event suggests to me and how I 'direct' the event. This is the experience of painting for me.



I graduated from the Fine Art Department of Leeds University in 1967. Lawrence Gowing was the Professor then.

Most of my teaching career was spent at Bradford College, working with students on the BA Hons Fine Art & Design Courses. I was responsible for the Painting Studio. Recently I taught on an MA Painting Course at the Universidad del Pais Vasco, Bilbao. I have also taught at Cyprus College of Art with Stass Paraskos and at Central Connecticutt State University.

I paint and mainly show work in University Galleries. in 2017 I had an exhibition at the Pocagalley in Bilbao, organised by Hondatza Fraga.

I also make drawings for print with the New Arcadian Journal ( Patrick Eyres) There is an annual publication which is collected internationally.

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