My paintings are influenced by emotional experiences and intellectual thoughts, which can be very personal or more commonly shared, with a narrative that can be easily read by the viewer.

In practical terms, I work in a way that is appreciative of the elasticity that oil paint naturally possesses. The way it blends, sits with or sits on top of other oil colours when it is manipulated to create form and space, is fundamental in determining the initial direction of each painting.

I love the way that oil is not “fixed” at the point it is applied to canvas, board or primed paper, but allows itself to be moved and pushed around while still retaining its intensity and vibrancy.

Working in this way, particularly in the early stages of a painting, presents ideas that would not occur if I were to take a more pre-meditated approach. 

In the case of the painting “Winter Past“ I am concerned with the nostalgia of my childhood, recalling the cold dark winter nights when “playing out” was a regular occurrence without the fear of any mishap or tragedy.


1962 Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire

1981 Foundation Course at Percival Whitley FE College

1983 BA Hons fine art degree course at Canterbury School of Art graduating in 1986 with a first class honours

1986 Moved to London working in various fine art printing studios printing limited edition etchings for artists that included Victor Pasmore and Anish Kapoor.

1997 Returned to West Yorkshire, freelance editioning for London based studios. Exhibiting regularly. Work held in Kirklees Museums & Galleries collection.

2014 Printmaking Technician at Leeds University and independent artist & printmaker

Richard Gee

Winter Past, 2017. Oil on board, 32cm x 22cm.

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