Sarah Taylor


With a background in Fine Art Painting, Sarah trained for her MA at Chelsea College of Art, London & subsequently was awarded a one-year Fellowship in Painting at The University of Wales, Cardiff. Since completing a full time practice led PhD at the University of Ulster, Belfast (funded by The Department for Employment and Learning) Sarah’s practice led research continues to investigate how painting is situated within codes of class and gender as they relate to questions of aesthetics in painting.

Her current work moves between the modest and the monumental, the discarded and the valued whilst engaging with themes of class and hierarchical classification. Her current work encompasses painting as a process which is equally engaged in investigating the medium as an 'aspirational' activity, that considers what can and cannot be classified as painting.

Sarah is currently the subject leader in Fine Art Painting at Leeds Arts University.



False Honesty 4, 2018. Oil on photograph on board, 80mm x 80mm.

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